The following guides were designed to offer practical advice and solutions to today's sawing issues. For help choosing the right blades for your application, check out our Blade Selection Worksheet. If you need further assistance, click here to contact our sales team!

Bi-Metal Band Cutting Guidelines

This informative, in-depth chart determines proper speed/feed rates based on the material you're cutting.

Blade Selection Worksheet

For additional assistance in choosing the right blade.

Blade Basics

Learn the basics of blade terminology. Determine the correct number of teeth for optimum cutting. Learn the differences between the tooth forms and which is best for your application. Discover how the proper tooth set affects your cutting efficiency.

"Common Sense" Sawing

Unique advice for effective sawing.

Hand Hacksaw Use

Learn how to select the proper blade for your application, as well as installation and techniques.

Hole Saw Use

Problem-solving and efficiency tips for easier use.

NXT-CT™ Carbide Tipped Blade Information

Cutting guidelines and break-in tips on the newest carbide tip bandsaw blade in the marketplace.

Power Hacksaw Use

Tips on determining proper speed and feed pressure for the material you're cutting.