Porta-Hack™ Bi-Metal

Sterling® bi-metal, portable, power hacksaw blades for speed, straightness of cut and long blade life. These bi-metal, portable, power hacksaw blades are for heavy duty power hack saws made by Widder®, Fein® and Spitznas®. The extra blade width and the matrix high speed steel (HSS) cutting edge allow a straighter cut. Bi-metal blade construction reduces the tendency of solid HSS blades to shatter. PORTA-HACK™ blades are used by utility companies, petro chemical plants and large contractors for job-site cutting of pipe, structurals and other materials.


Durable construction, Maximum durability, Long life.

*Cryogenically treated for long life.

Packaged 10 blades per box.

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portable hacksaw blade

Portable Hacksaw Blade