Specialty Silicon Carbon Steel

For Friction Cutting Only

A special silicon carbon steel with good abrasion resistance and fatigue life is used for the manufacture of friction cutting blades. Friction cutting is accomplished by running the band saw blade at high speed (8,000-15,000 S.F.P.M.). The high frictional heat created allows the blade to burn or melt away the material and the saw teeth remove the molten metal from the work piece. Very thin or odd-shaped metals may be successfully cut by friction sawing when conventional methods fail.

Available in 250’ coils and welded to length.



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Width & Thickness T.P.I. Set Style Item No.
Inches MM
1/2" .032 12.7 .80 10 Raker Constant 917000
  14 Raker Constant 917003
1" .035 25.4 .90 8 Raker Constant 917019
  10 Raker Constant 917021