Reciprocating Saw Blades

Bi-metal Universal 1/2” Shank reciprocating blades are tough shatterproof blades that fit all popular machines and out perform standard blades by a wide margin. The teeth retain their hardness and stay sharper longer. Breakage is eliminated because of its bi-metal construction. Select from over 40 different blades to match your cutting applications in wood, metal, fiberglass, nail-embedded wood, stainless and composition. For extra long life in stainless steel, fiberglass or other tough or abrasive applications, use SLIK-KOTE™ blades

Metal Cutting
For cutting metal, tubing, channel and pipe, etc.
Metal Scroll
These blades allow for tight radius cuts and aid the user in scroll cutting applications.
Wood & Plaster
For cutting all woods, nail-embedded wood, composition material, plastic, etc.

Jig Saw Blades

Durable, high performance bi-metal jig/sabre saw blades outlast all other types of carbon and high speed steel blades. These shatterproof wood and metal cutting blades are available in three common shank designs: T-Style, ¼” Universal and Bayonet types. For extra long life in stainless steel, fiberglass or other tough or abrasive applications, our Slik-Kote™ treated blades are recommended.

Universal "T" Style For all Universal "T" Style machines like Bosch, Makita, DeWalt, Milwaukee, etc.
Universal 1/4" Style
For all Universal 1/4" Style machines like Black & Decker, Makita, DeWalt, Milwaukee, etc.
Bayonet Style

For Porter-Cable and Rockwell machines.

Air Saw Blades

Bi-metal blades to fit popular pneumatic saw machines. High-speed cutting edge welded to a tough, shatter resistant backer makes this the ideal blade for air saw applications.

Pneu-Saw™ Air Saw Blades have fine teeth for cutting metal and are very popular within auto body, muffler and metal fabricating shops. Bi-metal construction, 1/2 inch universal style.

Specialty Blades


Slik-Kote™ A special treatment and coating results in a hard, abrasion resistant surface that increases the cutting life of the blade.
Fire & Rescue For fire and rescue work.
Ruff-Neck™ For demolition work, remodeling, paneling, plaster and nail-embedded work.
Glass-Fab™ Hard surface coating adds blade life in abrasive materials. Splinter free cuts in fiberglass, wood and plexiglass.
Carbide Grit The narrow width allows for straight and contour cutting in hard abrasive materials such as ceramic tile, fiberglass and slate.
Blue Diamond™ For cutting cast iron, brick, tile, stone, etc. Sterling® diamond edged blades cut clean without leaving uneven jagged edges.
Pallet Reclaim Collection The Sterling­® Pallet Reclaim Collection includes saw blades designed for pallet dismantling saws.

Carbide Tipped Circular Saws

Tungsten carbide tipped saw blades have a micro grain cobalt binder with a small amount of titanium for added cutting life. They are ground to very exact tolerances for optimum performance and tool life.

Ferrous / Nonferrous Cuts with fewer burrs and less heat than abrasive blades so there is no need for secondary finish grinding. The modified triple chip grind resists material build up on the tooth allowing for longer life between resharpenings.
Wood Cutting Thin kerf wood cutting blades feature an alternate tooth bevel grind for fast clean cuts.
Dado Sets Features top bevel ground outside saws and chipper sets. Stays sharp longer even when cutting particle board, laminated plywood, melamine and plastics.

Porta Hacksaw Blades

The bi-metal construction results in a strong, shatter-resistant blade for high productivity and safety in the toughest cutting applications. Blades are used by utility companies, petro chemical plants and large contractors for job-site cutting of pipe, structural and other materials.

Bi-Metal The bi-metal blade construction reduces the tendency of solid HSS blades to shatter. Wavy set and high tooth hardness yield longer blade life. Portable power hack saw blades cut copper, steel, stainless steel, aluminum and harder plastics like PVC and ABS.


Blades for portable band saw machines are made of 8% cobalt matrix II bi-metal blade material, providing excellent life in tough cutting applications.

Power Hacksaw Blades

Bi-metal construction blades used on production power hacksaw machines. Strong, shatter-resistant blade for high productivity and safety.

Bi-Metal Shatterproof These blades have a M-3 high speed steel cutting edge welded to a tough alloy steel back. The bi-metal construction results in a strong, shatter-resistant blade for high productivity and safety in the toughest cutting applications. The extra width of this blade gives rigidity and durability, cut after cut.

Hand Hacksaw Blades

Bi-metal construction allows blades to bend and flex without breaking.

Bi-Metal Shatterproof Shatter-resistant bi-metal construction allows blades to bend and flex. The high hardness tool steel cutting edge provides extended tool life compared to other hacksaw blades. The original varied pitch tooth design was patented and introduced by Diamond Saw in 1937. Over the years, improvements and variations have kept this blade on top in cutting ease and efficiency.

PVC / ABS Plastic Pipe Saws

These saws are light and comfortable with replaceable spring-tempered steel blades, for plumbers and electicians.

Spring Tempered Carbon Steel These blades are a one-piece spring tempered carbon construction. The cutting edge is hardened to 63-66 RC for excellent wear resistance. The spring tempered back resists flexing while cutting on both the push and pull strokes. Cuts plastic, wood, drywall, PVC and ABS pipe. The heavy duty aluminum handle is easy to assemble with a single screw blade attachment.

Hole Saws

A comprehensive range of hole saws to meet the needs of professional contractors as well as the DIY user. Whether you're using Bi-Metal, Carbide Tipped or Diamond Edge hole saws we've built in our industrial-grade quality to give you the longest lasting, most dependable performance possible.

Bi-Metal Hole Saws are available in bi-metal construction known for its endurance and shatterproof qualities. High hardness teeth welded to a tough backer material, coupled with varied pitch, positive rake teeth makes Sterling® hole saws the first choice.
Carbide Tipped - Imported
These hole saws are especially suited for cutting holes in fiberglass, transite, flake board and cast iron when standard high speed hole saws will not do the job.
Diamond Edge Diamond edge hole saws are manufactured of tough bi-metal matrix steel. With 40/50 blended diamond grit nickel matrix braze bonded to their edge. With a cutting depth of 1-1/2”, these hole saws are normally used for cutting a variety of abrasive nonferrous materials.

Hole Saw Accessories

HSS pilot drills, kits and miscellaneous arbor parts are available.

Arbors A selection of five different arbors, each supplied with a ¼” pilot drill, will accommodate all universal types of hole saws.
Adaptors This arbor adaptor converts ½” -20 threaded arbors (57014, 57015, 57016, 57018) to 5/8"-18 thread size to accommodate larger diameter saws.
Kits A selection of four different hole saw kits which include Bi-Metal Pro Pack, Bi-Metal Plumber’s, Bi-Metal Electrician’s and Carbide Tipped kits.