Bandsaw Accessories

Special Tools Designed for Increased Sawing Productivity and Blade Life.

Tachometer Photo/contact digital tachometer for measuring RPM and band saw blade speed surface feet per minute. Maximum contact speed is 10,000 sfpm.
Refractometer This industrial refractometer with case and instructions has a 0-18 Brix analog scale to determine the concentration of Super Sterling® and other industrial fluids.
Tension Meter For use on band saw blades and/or power hack saw blades. The tension meter checks for proper blade tension ensuring straighter cutting and longer blade life. The dial indicator provides you with a direct readout in P.S.I.
Magnetic Guide Alignment Tool The blade alignment tool is used to check and adjust the blade orientation to the saw table assuring improved cutting accuracy.
Coolant Super Sterling® is a State-of-the-Art heavy duty oil-free coolant designed to replace soluble oil in production sawing of all metals except magnesium. This product is excellent on aluminum. The coolant contains a remarkable package of EP additives and corrosion inhibitors which offer outstanding performance without the mess and disposal concerns of soluble oil coolants. Super Sterling® works on all sawing applications including cutoff, band, power hacksaw reciprocating, etc. This product may be used on ferrous and nonferrous metals.
Coolant Mist Unit For use with Super Sterling® oil free synthetic sawing fluid. Unit requires 50 to 100 PSI air supply and delivers up to one gallon per minute.

Small Tool

Frames to get the job done.

Hack Saw Frames High Tension Hand Hacksaw Frame features a heavy duty aluminum handle, a rectangular steel crossbar, permanent hardened holding pins, a steel tensioning nut, and a fold away tension lever. The frame has a 45 degree blade holder that pins for flush cutting. The blade can be tensioned to 30,000 psi, about twice that of ordinary frames. Spare blades can be stored inside the tubular back. Easy and safe to use, this frame has no blade twisting and resists breakage.
Big Blue Displays Available with our most popular Reciprocating and Jig saw blades or our specialty Ruff-neck™ and Fire & Rescue blades. Both are complete with a display board. Boards are also available separately for you to customize your own display.