Carbide Tipped

Chrome Backer - NXT-CT

Triple Chip For high productivity cutting of difficult machining materials such as inconel, hasteloy and titanium.
Set Tooth Triple Chip For aluminum castings and foundry applications.


M51 - Mach 12™

For cutting solid or heavy walled exotic materials.

M42 - Excel™

Broach Tooth Less aggressive zero rake angle, resists tooth strippage on smaller cross sections of high alloy, heat treated or stainless steels.
Posi and Hook Tooth An aggressive rake angle that provides faster cuts on solid work pieces where tooth strippage is not a common occurence.

M42 - Contour Band™

Hook Tooth Narrow widths with an aggressive rake angle for faster cuts in aluminum and nonferrous materials.
Broach and Constant Tooth Narrow widths with a less aggressive angle that resists tooth strippage when cutting high alloy, heat treated or stainless steels.

Matrix - New Wave™

Unique group tooth set along with the broach tooth design, delivers smoother cuts with less noise and vibration. Designed specifically for maintenance department saws.

Matrix - Super Weld™

Hook and Posi Tooth These tooth styles combine an aggressive rake angle for faster cuts and are excellent choices for solid work pieces and larger cross sections of material.
Broach and Constant Tooth These tooth styles have a less aggresive zero rake angle that resists tooth strippage especially on smaller work pieces.


Hard Edge Hard Back - Tri-Temp

Full hard teeth and a hardened back for heavier feed pressures. This quality allows for more tension and added rigidity resulting in straighter cuts in contour cutting.

Hard Edge Flex Back - Carbon

Full hard teeth and a flexible back make it an excellent choice for "easy to machine" metals, wood and plastics. Well suited for machines with small wheel diameters.


M42 - Cut Master™

Unique tooth design for cutting larger structural shapes such as I-beam, angle and thick wall tubing. Tooth profile delivers aggressive cutting performance while resisting tooth strippage.

M42 - Kerf Plus™

Wider kerf helps prevent blade damage due to binding when cutting stacked or bundled beams and tubing.

Specialty Steel - Friction

Silicon Carbon Steel

For friction cutting ferrous metals up to 1". Blades are run at very high SFPM which creates high frictional heat allowing the blade to burn or melt away the material.

Specialty Steel - X-tra Duty .032™

High Carbon Steel

Hard edge flexible back with extra thickness (.032) for extra rigidity, strength and blade life in the woodworking industries, particullarly furniture manufacturers. Also for aluminum, magnesium, brass, etc.

Specialty Steel - E.T.S. (Every Tooth Set)

High Carbon Steel

Hard edge flexible back recommended for straight and contour cutting of wood, flake board, plastic and nonferrous materials. Absence of raker teeth gives a third more cutting edge for additional blade life and abrasion resistance.

Timber Master TK™

Carbide Tipped Triple Chip For cutting expensive, abrasive, exotic woods. Set Tooth Triple Chip.
Bi-Metal M42 For longer tool life between sharpenings. Combines the flexibility of a spring steel backer with the wear resistance of a bi-metal high speed steel tooth.
Pro Cut Designed with precision ground fully hardened teeth and a uniquely hardened body giving you the most economical band for thin kerf sawing applications. Excellent blade life on Portable Sawmills and Resaw.

Pallet Reclaim

Both these pallet band saw blades are specifically designed for the pallet recycling & pallet dismantling industry.


HIGH-PERFORMANCE, bi-metal pallet dismantling bandsaw blade VARI-TOOTH design cuts through nails and improves blade life while reducing vibration. Combines the flexibility of a spring steel backer with the wear resistance of a bi-metal high speed steel tooth.
Carbon LOW COST, carbon pallet dismantling bandsaw blades are a more economical choice for the rough service and abuse that is typical on pallet dismantling machines while cutting through pallet nails and staples. These band saw blades are lower in cost to help reduce cost in recycling.
Pallet Slayer Premium pallet reclaim product produced with high chromium and hardened tool steel. Unigue atmospheric cryo process to provide greater performance.

Knife Edge - Spring Tempered Carbon Steel

For cutting soft and fibrous materials that would fray or tear if cut with conventional blades. Available in several styles.

Diamond Edge - Blue Diamond™

Diamond edge bands will provide high cutting rates with minimal material loss. Finish quality can help eliminate expensive secondary operations. Carbon, graphite, glass, quartz, silicon, fiberglass, ceramics and composites as well as stone, granite and marble are among the many materials that can be cut effectively using diamond edge bands.