Sterling® Saw Blades
Sterling® Saw Blades are made in America and are sold through an international network of distributors. For product specifications, click a product name. If you need help selecting a blade, try our blade selection guide.

NXT-CT™  Carbide Tipped Triple Chip - For high productivity cutting of difficult machining materials
Set Tooth Triple Chip - For aluminum castings and foundry applications
Blue Diamond™ / Mach 12™ Diamond edge bands provide high cutting rates with minimal material loss / Mach 12 Bi-metal M51 used for cutting solids or thick walled materials
Excel™ / Contour Band™

M-42 Bi-Metal Zero or Positive Rake Angle - For production sawing applications - cutting high alloy and heat treated materials on horizontal and vertical bandsaw machines

Cut Master ™ / Kerf Plus™ New Wave™ M-42 Bi-Metal Unique Tooth Design - For general purpose and production sawing of structural steels
Super Weld™ / Portable Bands Matrix Bi-Metal Zero or Positive Rake Angle - For production and general purpose sawing of moderate to easy machined materials
Tri-Temp / Carbon High Carbon Steel Hard Edge/Hard Back and Hard Edge/Flex Back - general purpose blade for cutting non-ferrous and easily machined materials
Friction / X-tra Duty . 032™ Every Tooth Set (ETS) Silicon Carbon Steel - for friction cutting ferrous metals up to 1" / X-tra Duty for straighter cuts / ETS for faster cuts
Knife Edge Spring tempered carbon steel Knife Edge bands are produced for cutting soft and fibrous materials
Timber Master TK™ These bands cover a wide range of wood cutting applications - Available in Carbide Tipped, Bi-Metal, Carbon Flexback or Hardback (Resaws/Bandmill)
Pallet Reclaim / Band Saw Accessories Bandsaw available in Bi-Metal or Carbon Unique Tooth Design - for pallet dismantling / Safety tip Recip blade also available / Coolant and measuring devices
Reciprocating Blades 1/2” Universal Shank Bi-metal construction
Recips / Air Saws / Jigs Blue Diamond, Slik-Kote, Glass-Fab Collections
Jig Saw Blades Carbide Grit, Jig Blades
Air Saw Blades Bi-Metal Universal and Nitto Kohki syle
Circular Saw Blades Tungsten carbide tipped saw blades available in ferrous, nonferrous and wood cutting types
Power Hacksaw / Portable Hacksaw Blades Bi-Metal 12" to 24" Blades
Hand Hacksaw Blades, Frames and PVC/ABS blades Shatter resistent bi-metal construction blades, High Tension Frames
Hole Saws Bi-Metal, Carbide Tipped, Diamond Edge
Hole Saws Accessories Arbors, Pilot Drills,and Kits